My transfer got rejected. Can I correct my receiver's details?

Alexandra C.
Alexandra C.
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Sometimes, the transfers that you send might get rejected by the receiver’s bank. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Your receiver’s details are incorrect (name, bank account number, phone number, card number etc.)
  • The account is opened in a different currency
  • The bank account is closed/cannot accept payments

If your receiver's details are incorrect or their bank rejects the transfer, in some cases you can edit the receiver's details yourself. We'll then send the money again.

We'll email you to let you know you can edit the details of the rejected transfer the moment we get the money back. From that time, you have 48 hours to correct the details of your receiver.

 To do this, just log into your TransferGo account and follow the instructions:

  • Click on the ‘Home’ button and then on the suspended transfer (you will see rejected transfers in the list)
  • The message under your transaction will inform you about the rejection reason. Click on that transfer and then on the 'Update' button
  • You will be able to edit your receiver’s personal and bank details
  • Once that is done, make sure to click on ‘Update

Once you go back to the ‘Home’ screen and to the ‘In progress’ transactions, you will see your transfer processing again. We’ll let you know when the transfer will be sent. It’s that easy!

 If you have any questions or need help with any steps, please feel free to submit a request and our Customer Service team will assist you.