I'm unable to verify my identity

Alexandra C.
Alexandra C.
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If you’re waiting for the identity verification result, please keep in mind that the process might take up to one hour. If your verification was unsuccessful, please try again and check to see that your pictures are clear and all the document information is readable.


Please make sure that:

- All corners are clearly visible;

- You upload high-quality and not blurred documents;

- Your document is in colour;

- All information is clearly visible;

- Your face is clearly visible in the uploaded selfie, i.e. face photo (sometimes, we might ask you to take a selfie holding the identity document);

- Your uploaded document is internationally accepted;

- If you want to upload a driving license, it should be issued in the UK or Turkey (we don’t accept driving licenses from other countries);

- You are over 18 years old.


If you’re getting an error message or can’t upload any ID documents, please contact our Customer Support department.