My bank gets suspicious when I try to pay in to TransferGo. Why?

Alexandra C.
Alexandra C.
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Online fraud is on the rise. Banks and Fintechs are working hard to keep your money safe—and sometimes, that means asking a few more questions.

Some British banks have recently been forced to introduce a ‘Confirmation of Payee’ function. This function is designed to check that their money is going where it’s intended, and to help combat fraud.

Banks that don’t have to do this might show a message saying ‘unable to check bank details’ when you try to pay in to our account.

Others will put you through extra security.
It’s all to keep your money safe.

But you can rest assured that the bank details we give you in your transfer order are from us: the same legitimate enterprise that has been up and running since 2012, regulated by financial authorities all over the world and trusted by 2.5 million customers.