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Documents and why we need them

We ask you for additional documents so that we can comply with HMRC and FCA regulations, and keep your money safe. Providing them in advance will make your transfers even more straightforward. Our Customer Support Team will support you with this process.

We usually ask for documents for the following reasons:


Document type

Required when...


How to provide it


You order your second transfer, or if your first transfer is for a large amount

A one-off procedure until the document expires

Upload in the activity feed

Proof of address

You’ve passed selfie or ID verification and you send a certain amount of money 

Usually once a year

Upload in the activity feed or send it to us*

Proof of funds

You transfer larger amounts of money

Decided on a  case-by-case basis

Send it directly to us*


Please note that if we ask for both proof of ID and proof of address, these need to be two separate documents.

* We can only check your documents from Monday to Friday (0700 to 1600 GMT), excluding bank holidays. You can send your documents to hello@transfergo.com, otherwise our Customer Support representative will be in touch to help you out.

We reserve the right to request additional documents even if you don’t reach one of the thresholds mentioned above. These measures allow us to protect our customers from fraud, and payment depends on these measures being followed.

All the documents you send us are entirely safe: we store them in a private, secure data centre that can only be accessed by our trained staff via a 2-factor authentication panel.

Feel free to contact Customer Support if you’re sending large amounts and want to check the details of the verification process in advance.

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