Transfer speeds

Alexandra C.
Alexandra C.
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From the moment you pay in, we will deliver your money to your receiver in:

  • 1 working day
  • End of the same day from when you created the transfer
  • The next working day, until noon
  • In 30 minutes

It all depends on the delivery option you choose when ordering your transfer.  

We don’t process transfers on bank holidays, so if you order a standard transfer just before a bank holiday, it will be completed on the next working day.


Security checks can sometimes affect the speed of a transfer. As a regulated company, we are required to comply with all standard money transfer checks. If you’re asked to provide additional documentation, there’s no need to worry—it’s standard procedure. We’ll work hard to make sure the process is as stress-free as possible.


Also, please be aware that when sending money to certain countries (including Australia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Thailand, USA, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Switzerland if the receiving currency is CHF), it may take more than 1 working day for a bank to credit the money to your receiver’s account.


With the countries mentioned above, intermediary banks may apply an additional fee. Unfortunately, we can’t cover additional fees imposed by banks.