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TransferGo charges a fixed fee depending on which country you’re sending money from, and between 0.00% and 3.3% commission on the foreign exchange. Our rates are always amongst the most favourable on the market.

All fees are included in the amount your receiver gets. You don’t need to send any extra funds to cover money transfer fees. For the transfer to go through, you need to pay in exactly the same amount as you entered in your transfer order. 

And with TransferGo, you don’t have to worry about currency changes after you’ve booked your transfer. The receiver will get the exact same amount as you specified in your order.

Here are the transfer fees per country of origin: 

Denmark: 9.99-24.99 DKK

Eurozone*: 0.99-2.99 EUR

Hungary: 500.00-1.100 HUF

Norway: 10.99-29.99 NOK

Poland: 4.99-14.99 PLN

Romania: 4.99-15.99 RON

Sweden: 9.99-29.99 SEK

United Kingdom: 0.99-2.99 GBP



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