What is the business onboarding process?

Tijana N.
Tijana N.
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Business onboarding at TransferGo is a streamlined procedure designed for the creation of new business accounts within our system, tailored specifically for conducting business-related transactions. This process comprises two interconnected stages:

Gathering Company Information: Initially, we collect comprehensive details about your company, including its business activities, structure, and the purpose and frequency of future transactions.

Obtaining Business Registration Documents: As part of the onboarding process, we require essential documentation that verifies your business entity. This includes documents showcasing your business name, registration number, business address, as well as the structure of directors and shareholders. Additionally, we request ID documents of directors and shareholders, along with the Tax Identification Number.

It's important to note that a Business account with TransferGo is exclusively intended for conducting business-related transfers. Whether it's paying salaries, settling invoices with suppliers, or distributing dividends, our platform is equipped to facilitate seamless financial transactions to support your business endeavors.