Acceptable identity documents

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Alexandra C.
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The identity review is an important anti-fraud measure that helps us to ensure the safety of your money and to comply with HMRC and FCA regulations, as well as with regulations coming from the Bank of Lithuania (BOL).

You will be asked to verify your identity if:

  • Your first transfer order is 900 GBP or more
  • You're sending your second transfer order

Acceptable ID documents*

  • International Passport
  • National ID card issued in the EU/EEA (Plastic only)
  • Driving licence issued in the United Kingdom or Turkey. Unfortunately, we can't accept driving licences issued in any other country.
  • Residence permits (exclusively for residents of Turkey and Lithuania)
  • Domestic Ukrainian Passports

*Make sure your document is valid (check the expiry date)

You’ll be able to upload scanned pictures of the document from your computer or use your mobile to take photos. Please make sure that the scanned copy is of good quality, in colour, and with all details clearly visible.

After you upload the pictures of your identity document, you will need to take a selfie. Then take a picture of yourself using your front mobile or computer camera. Please make sure your face is clearly visible (sometimes, we might ask you to take a selfie holding the ID document).


For security reasons, we cannot accept any ID documents via email.


We reserve the right to request additional documents even if you don’t reach one of the thresholds mentioned above. In some cases, we may ask you to upload a video of yourself. These measures allow us to protect our customers better from fraud.