Check Your Transfer Status

Alexandra C.
Alexandra C.
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To check your transfer status in your own profile, click on the ‘Home’ button. Your transfers will be marked as either ‘In progress’ or ‘Completed’.



‘In progress’ transfers have 2 statuses:


  • ‘Awaiting payment’: this means that we haven’t received your money yet. But don’t worry: payments can reach us and be processed at different speeds. Online bank payments can take up to two full working days to arrive. Card payments should only take a few minutes. 


  • ‘Money received’: we’ve received your money and are currently processing the payment.

After we send the money to your receiver, your payment status changes to ‘Completed’.


If we don’t get your payment on time, your order will expire.


Once you’ve ordered the transfer, you can also share a link with your receiver, so that they can check on the transfer progress themselves.