Proof of Funds Documents

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Alexandra C.
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A proof of funds review is an important anti-fraud measure that helps us to ensure the safety of your money and to comply with HMRC and FCA regulations, as well as with regulations coming from the Bank of Lithuania (BOL) - institution which is one of our company’s license issuers.

Sometimes we might ask you to provide documents to prove your source of wealth of where your funds came from. Our Customer Support team will be in touch to help you with any questions you may have.


To prove the source of your funds or wealth, we will ask for: 

- Bank/Savings Statements (that show the source of income and the account balance) 


Additionally, depending on your particular source of funds, the following documents can be accepted:

- Payslips (these must be accompanied by detailed bank statements showing at least three months of deposits) 

- Loan agreements (if the source of funds is a loan)

- Sales contract (if the source of funds is a sale)


We may ask for further supporting documents at any given time to keep our platform secure.


Please provide complete, high-quality, readable copies of the mentioned documents as this will help us speed up thereview of the documents.