Staying Safe: Navigating Our Referral Program

Tijana N.
Tijana N.
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Quick heads-upif you're diving into our ‘Invite a Friend’ programme, make sure it's with someone who's genuinely keen on using the service, not just fishing for your personal data or trying to cash in on the bonus. Our referral programme is awesomeand draws in not only enthusiasts but, unfortunately, a handful of scammers too! And it’s our duty to make you aware of this.

Why it matters

Every day, we handle tons of support requests, as more users are sharing their personal data, bank details, and even card details with complete strangers online. We genuinely care about your safety and the security of our money transfers. So here are some things to keep in mind: 

Your personal info might be at risk if:

  • You get unexpected messages from strangers online promising financial perks for sharing your info, or registering an account with a specific bank—TransferGo staff will never do that. We're here to answer questions and help you understand our referral programme better.

  • Offers seem too good to be true—such as sharing rewards with others, or the promise of an additional bonus beyond the TransferGo bonus. Always double-check TransferGo referral programme T&C’s on our website before taking part.

  • Pressure tactics in online schemes push for quick decisions and actions, especially when revealing your personal info to people outside of TransferGo. Remember, the decision to act is always yours.

  • Communication happens in personal messages or public channels. TransferGo only communicates with customers through email, chat or call (all recorded), so be cautious of private messages from strangers asking for personal info.

How to protect yourself

  • Verify the source: Confirm the legitimacy of the referral programme before sharing any info with friends or family. You’ll find all official T&C’s of our programme here.

  • Use secure channels: Avoid sharing sensitive info on public forums and Telegram channels.

  • Trust your instincts: If something feels off, hold back from sharing sensitive info or reach out to our Support Team at

Help yourself and others

Please report any potential data scams to our Support Team, and we'll take all possible measures to stop them. Share the link to the official T&C’s of our referral programme online to protect others from fraud. You’ll find it here

Our Mission

We've created a referral programme for customers looking to make international money transfers to their loved ones. Migrants play a crucial role in society, but unfortunately, they are vulnerable in today's world. Be cautious, protect your data from potential scams and remember—we're here to support you, whenever you need us.