What does sending money to a phone number mean?

Alexandra C.
Alexandra C.
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With sending money to phone numbers , you have the possibility to send money to your receivers using only their full name and phone number. It’s that easy!


To send money to a phone number, you will have to follow these steps:


  • Log into your account;
  • Select the country you’re sending money from and the country you’re sending money to and add the amount
  • Select the Delivery Option;


When you reach the receiver’s step, make sure to follow these steps:


  • Click on ‘Add a new receiver’
  • Add their full name and phone number (make sure the phone number is correct).


After this step, review the transfer details and make a payment using your debit/credit card or via bank transfer.


We'll process the payment as fast as we can, regardless of the payment method you've chosen.


We'll let you know once we receive your payment, and we'll send an SMS to your receiver with the payment link. They will need to add their bank details within 48 hours, and we'll process your transfer.