How to send us additional documents when you’re using someone else’s card

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We ask you for additional documents so that we can comply with HMRC and FCA regulations, and keep our customer’s money safe. This is especially important when you're using someone else's card.

If you made the payment using someone else’s bank or debit/credit card, please give us that person's information. We'll need: 

  • Their name
  • Their surname
  • Their date of birth
  • Their nationality
  • Their country of residence
  • Their ID
  • A proof of their funds—a copy of their bank statement and answers to these security questions:

Security questions (these answers should be provided via email): 

  1. What is the source of the transferred sum?
  2. What’s your occupation?
  3. What is the relationship between you and the chosen receiver?
  4. What is the purpose of the payment?
  5. What’s your anticipated future transactional activity (i. e. average sum, frequency and beneficiary countries)?

Necessary documents:

  1. an original bank statement of the last 3 months up to this day (in .pdf from your e-banking) and a savings account statement, if you have one;
  2. payslips, loan / sales agreement or other supporting documents that show where the money has come from.

You can read more information about proof of funds here: 

Once we receive the documents, we’ll check them and keep in touch with you via email.

Our Customer Support Team will support you with this process.