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Transfer process

  • To initiate Local transfer user must have filled profile details.
  • Local transfer is initiated via calculator, under the tab Local:img-en.jpg
  • User can both send money and request money with local transfers
  • Local transfers can be made in EUR, RON, PLN, GBP currencies only
  • Minimal and maximal amount limit can be applied 
  • Recipient details:
    • User does not need to know recipient bank details - it is imported from contact list on the phone
    • To make local transfer only recipient phone number is needed
      • Recipient phone numbers can be imported from contacts list on the user's phone
      • Or user can enter recipient phone manually if it is not on the contacts list
      • Phone numbers are limited to Lihtuanian, Polish, Romanian, British phone numbers only (with country code +370,+48,+40,+44)
  • User can enter custom message sent to the recipient explaining the reason for the transfer (this message is not transfer reference)
  • Transfer can be funded only by debit or credit card
  • After user initiates a local transfer and makes a successful payment SMS is sent to the recipient with link to web page where recipient can select how they want to collect money
  • After user requests money SMS is sent to his request recipient with link to web page where he  can pay in requested money

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