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Information for recipient

Recipient does not need to download the app or register in order to collect money or pay in requested money.

Recipient will get SMS in 2 cases:

  1. When user sent money to the recipient:
    • Recipient needs to open the secure link sent via SMS message
    • Recipient needs to enter bank account number or debit/credit card details (Visa or MasterCard) where TransferGo will send money:
      • Payout to card is initiated immediately after card is added and verified;
      • If a card holder does not support payouts to a card - recipient will be asked to select different card or a payout to a bank account;
      • Money to Visa cards usually arrive within 30 minutes, MasterCard cards -within 24 hours.
    • Recipient can save bank or debit/credit card details for future transfers:
      • If details are not saved next time recipient will need to enter account/card details again;
      • If details are saved - recipient will only need to confirm the pay out to selected bank account/card.
    • In case the recipient does not enter bank account details in 24 hours - TransferGo will initiate Refund back to user card.
  2. When user requested money:
    • Request recipient needs to open the secure link sent via sms message
    • Request recipient needs to pay in money using debit or credit card details
    • In case money is not paid in 24 hours - request is expired

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