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How to start your transfers with Nationwide online banking

1. Login into your online banking account.

Select 'Move money'.

Click  ‘Pay a bill or send money to someone’.

Choose your account

Select ‘Single payment’.

2. Select ‘A new person or organisation’



3. In 'Who would you like to pay?' window select ‘Add the details of a person or business yourself’

Enter the following information from your TransferGo receipt:

  • ‘Name of recipient’: Transfergo Ltd
  • Sort code’: 23-05-80
  • ‘Account number’: 19520498
  • ‘Reference’: Your unique TransferGo client number

Click ‘Continue’


4. ‘How much would you like to pay?’: Write down the amount of money you've previously booked in your TransferGo profile

 Select ‘Continue’

5. Review all the information to make sure it is correct.

Click: ‘Confirm’.   


6. The confirmation screen will show you a summary of the payment you just set up.

That's it!

Once we receive your money, your recipient will be paid out no later than the next business day.


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