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Basic Information

Before you make a transfer please ensure that you:

Use your real identity to create your profile - To avoid delay please provide your real name, surname, address, email address and phone number in your profile. Accurate personal information also allows us to contact you if needed.

Provide profile details that match your bank details - Deposits must come from a bank account in your own name. If they don’t, unfortunately you will have to create a new booking using the account holder's name or your funds will be returned.

Confirm the account is yours - you will be asked to confirm that the account is yours. This helps us to ensure any transactions you do are authorised. You can find more information on account confirmations here.

Ensure that you send the same amount that was booked - The amount that you booked is the amount that you need to send to TransferGo for the transfer to be successful. All fees are included in the final sum. There is no need to add additional funds to cover fees or expenses. The exact sum booked should be the amount sent.

Cash cannot be sent - TransferGo only allows for direct bank transfers. Unfortunately we do not support the sending or receipt of cash.

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