Debit card declined

Alexandra C.
Alexandra C.
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Trying to make a card payment but see an error message? This means that the payment was declined by your card issuer, and the money will not be withdrawn from your card.

Here’s how you can solve this:
- If you're currently abroad, let your bank know where you are
- Check your card balance and make sure that your payment doesn’t exceed card limits
- Make sure that you’re confirming the payment if your bank is asking you to do so
- Check that your card is still valid
- Check your internet connection—weak internet signals can interrupt the payment process
- Wait a little while—maybe you recently used your card elsewhere
- Try another channel—e.g. switch from app to web or vice versa
- Try to delete your card and add it again. You can do this in your profile section under ‘Cards’.

If these tips don't help, contact your bank. They’ll be able to tell you why your payment was declined.

And, by the way: if your card payment doesn’t work, you can pay for your order with a bank transfer. Find out how to do this here.