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Debit card declined

If you try to make a card payment, but see an error message right after you enter your card details—it means that the payment was declined by your card issuer and the money will not be withdrawn from your card.

Here are some common solutions:

- Check if your card is still valid
- Check your internet connection—weak internet signals can interrupt the payment process
- Wait a bit: your card might have been used just recently
- If you're currently abroad, let your bank know where you are
- Try another channel—e.g. switch from app to web or vice versa
- Check your card balance and make sure you have no limits on amounts or daily usage
- Try deleting your card and adding it again. You can do this in your profile section, under 'Cards'.

If these don't solve the problem, please contact your card issuer so they can tell you why they've declined your payment.

And by the way: if the card issue persists, you can use your online banking to fund your order. Find out how to do this here.

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