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Identity Documents

An ID review is an important anti-fraud measure that helps us to ensure the safety of your money and to comply with HMRC and FCA regulations.

We must ask you to provide your identity document during your second transfer or if your first transfer exceeds 900.00 GBP (or the equivalent in another currency).


Please upload one of the following documents:

• Passport

• National ID card (Plastic, European Union/European Economic Area only)

• Driving licence (Plastic, European Union/European Economic Area only). We can't accept Driving licences issued in Latvia. 



Passport containing:

 • Your full name, date of birth and other details

 • Valid expiration date

 • Full MRZ code

ID Card / Drivers License containing:

 • Your full name, date of birth and other details

 • Valid expiration date*

*If date is on the reverse side, upload both

 Please make sure that the uploaded copy is of good quality, in colour with all details clearly visible.


We can't accept:

• 'Old style' paper ID Cards/Driving Licenses

• Provisional Driving Licenses

 You can also verify your identity with DirectID. You’ll find more info about it here.

We reserve the right to request additional documents even if you don’t reach one of the mentioned thresholds. These measures exist to allow us to protect our customers better from fraud.

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